Calligraphy Qalam: An Introduction to Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Calligraphy uses interactive tools to interest new audiences in Arabic, Ottoman and Persian calligraphy.

Glossary of calligraphy terms





Khatt Hat Khattat-i Calligraphy Image of calligraphy
Khattat Hattat Khattat Calligrapher Image of calligrapher's hands
Mufraddat Mufredat Mufraddat The first stage in the traditional calligraphy learning process Image of mufraddat
Murakkabat Murekkebat Murakkabat The second stage in the traditional calligraphy learning process Image of murakkabat
Ijaza Icazet Ijaza Certificate given to the calligraphy student, allowing him or her to teach; means "permission," or "authority" Image of ijaza
Karalama Karalama Karalama Single sheets of calligraphic exercises Image of karalama
Meshk Mesk Meshk Practice sheet or lesson Image of meshk
Dawat Divit Dawat Portable inkwell and pen holder Image of dawat
Qalam Kalem Qalam A reed pen Image of qalam
Hibr Mürekkep Murakkab Ink Image of ink
Liqa Lika Liqa Wad of silk used in an inkwell to absorb ink Image of liqa
Miqadda Makta Nay-qat A cutting board on which you rest the pen when trimming the tip Image of makta
Tarkheem Ebrü Kaghaz-i abri The art of paper marbling Image of ebru
Bismillah Besmele Bismillah An Islamic Arabic phrase meaning, “In the name of God, most gracious, most compassionate” Image of bismillah