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 Mir ‘Ali Tabrizi
(1360-1420 A.D.)

Full name:

Mir ‘Ali ibn Hasan al-Sultani, known as Mir ‘Ali Tabrizi because he lived most of his life in the city of Tabriz

What he did:

  • Codified the nast‘aliq script, which became the most important script in Persian calligraphy


  • Little is known about his life except that he lived in Tabriz (Persia) and was a poet and calligrapher
  • He is called “the chief of the scribes” because of his work in developing the nasta‘liq script
  • Tradition says that, after dreaming one night about geese, Mir ‘Ali adapted the shape and motion of their wings into visual form, creating the nasta‘liq script

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Calligraphy attributed to Mir ‘Ali Tabrizi

Calligraphy by Mir ‘Ali Tabrizi