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Hafiz Osman
(1642-1698 A.D.)

Full name:

Hafiz Osman

What he did:

  • Considered the greatest 17th century calligrapher of the Ottoman style
  • Re-invigorated the tradition of Seyh Hamdullah, and re-introduced the six scripts that had fallen into disuse
  • His style slowly replaced Seyh Hamdullah’s


  • Member of a dervish order
  • Famous for his writing in the naskh script
  • Tutored sultans Ahmed II (died 1691), Mustafa II (died 1695) and Ahmed III (died 1736)
  • Sultan Mustafa II respected the calligrapher by holding his inkwell while he wrote
  • Wrote 25 copies of the Koran. Examples of his work are held at the Topkapi Palace Museum Library in Istanbul and by the Nasser D. Khalili Collection

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Calligraphy by Hafiz Osman

Calligraphy by Hafiz Osman