Thuluth Script Calligraphy at Fordham

ThuluthCalligraphy at Fordham


ARABIC SCRIPT has a long history of development into a highly refined art form. Classes with Elinor Aishah Holland offer participants a nurturing context to better understand Arabic script calligraphy’s rich cultural context as well as the techniques involved in this classical art form. Arabic written in the Thuluth style is luscious, and extremely appealing to the eyes. It is a well-developed art in many parts of the world where it can be studied over a period of many years. But while it may seem too exotic or unapproachable to us here in America, it can be learned and appreciated, letter by letter. And each letter of a word has potential as a design in and of itself. After immersing ourselves in some beautiful visual masterpieces both historical and modern, we will introduce the tools and methods for writing the letters and then the letters themselves, with individual attention for all students. New and continuing students are welcome!

Elinor Aishah Holland received her Ijaza, or diploma in two forms of Arabic script in 2013 from Master Calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya. Holland is also a calligrapher of Latin script and a regular teacher for the NY Society of Scribes. Holland has taught at The 92nd Street Y, Long Island University, NY Botanical Garden, The Rudolph Steiner High School and many workshops at colleges, art centers and museums in the US and Canada including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian Institute, The Detroit Institute of Art, Zaytuna College and at the Confluence Conference in 2004. She has exhibited in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Algiers, and around the USA.


October 3, October 17, October 24, November 7, November 21

Saturdays 11 am – 4pm

All classes are held at:

Lincoln Center Campus
113 West 60th Street, NYC
Visual Arts Complex
Room SL24E

Individual classes: $90
Material fee: $20

Payable to the instructor in class.
Pre-registration required.

NOTE: There is a special discount for Fordham students and faculty.

Sponsored by the Theatre and Visual Arts Department | Fordham University

By the Pen: an Islamic Calligraphy Workshop

I’m excited to announce the upcoming workshop By the Pen: An Introduction to Calligraphy in the Islamic Tradition. This hands-on weekend will allow both beginning and advanced students in Islamic calligraphy to hone their skills and better understand the rich cultural context of this art form. The workshop will be held June 18-20 (2010) at a beautiful retreat center in Stony Point, NY, and taught by Elinor Aishah Holland. Ms. Holland was instrumental in the creation of this website, and her calligraphy is featured both in the Calligraphy Qalam logo, and in the videos throughout the site. Watch this interview to learn more about her own interest and background in Islamic calligraphy, and a bit about her teaching philosophy.

One of the issues those of us who live in the United States and are interested in Arabic script calligraphy constantly encounter is the lack of qualified teachers. Workshops like these offer students of calligraphy the unique chance to pack in several in-depth lessons over the course of an intensive weekend. I am planning to attend this workshop, and I hope to see many of you there!

Below is an embedded pdf with further details about the workshop (click on it to view the pdf full-screen, or download the pdf). To register, visit the Stony Point Center’s website.