Seminar on Arabic Calligraphy | Dubai Arabic Calligraphy Centre

Interested parties are invited to the following event at the Dubai Arabic Calligraphy Centre:

Wissam Shawkat

Wissam Shawkat is one of my favorite calligraphy artists. Based in Dubai, he is an extremely talented calligrapher, as well as an exceptionally kind person. When I first contacted him to ask permission to include his work in the Calligraphy Qalam gallery (search for shawkat), he not only gave me permission, but sent me additional images to include!

Wissam recently contacted me to let me know that he has launched a new website, On this website you will find a wonderful mix of his contemporary and traditional calligraphy work—everything from fine art to logos, typography, environmental graphics, and graphic design work. I’ve included a few of my favorites below, with his permission. I encourage you to check out his site—and get ready to be inspired.

Arabic Calligraphy in the Ottoman era

An event at the Dubai Arabic Calligraphy Centre

The Dubai Arabic Calligraphy Centre cordially invites you to attend a specialized set of lectures that covers the history of the art of Arabic calligraphy.

By Dr. Sulieman Berk

7-9 January 2010, 6 to 8.30 pm, Luxury Ball Room, Centre of Excellence – BLDG 2, Gate Village, Dubai International Financial Center

For inquiries, please contact: 050 5533835

See the invitation below for further details.

Al Basmalah

Al Basmalah | May 20-29

Exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy
Showcasing artistic paintings by renowned calligraphers from the Arab and Islamic worlds

Farjam Collection Gallery (Gate Village, Building 4)
Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC)

Al Basmalah Exhibition

Al Basmalah page 2