Image by the Freer | Sackler Museum

For several weekends in December (15th, 16th), January (12th, 13th) and February (2nd, 3rd) at 2pm, the Freer and Sackler Museum in Washington, DC will be holding a calligraphy demonstration for children ages 8-14.

Event Name: Beautiful Writing: Arabic Calligraphy

A billion Muslims read and write in Arabic. The tombstones from al-Ma’la cemetery north of Mecca, on view in the exhibition Roads of Arabia, are among the many outstanding treasures of Arabian national heritage. These extraordinary examples of Arabic calligraphy are among the important contributions to the arts of the Islamic world.

A tour of the exhibition follows a demonstration of Arabic calligraphy. Participants then return to the ImaginAsia classroom to learn to write in Arabic.

Location: Sackler Galler, Sublevel 2

Cost: Free, walk-in

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