The Center for Book Arts in New York will be hosting a 2-day intensive course in Classical Kufic this summer on August 13th and 14th, taught by Elinor Aishah Holland.

From the Center for Book Arts website:

The Arabic language had a very crude form of script in prehistoric Arabia. With the arrival of the Quran in the early seventh century the script began to blossom like a many-petaled flower. The early Muslim scribes quickly established the foundation of beautiful Arabic scripts that are still being developed today. Amongst the earliest hands is a style known today as Kufic. This term actually includes many stylistic variations. Our introduction will begin with our eyes as we look at and study samples of Kufic script. We will learn about the traditional tools used in writing Arabic, as well as a study of the Kufic alphabet. Like all traditional scribes we will learn by copying examples of great master calligraphers. On day one we will study traditional Kufic and the second day we will explore Eastern Kufic.

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