Instructor: Faraz Khan Art Studio
Arts Council of

Let there be light! Explore what is possible when darkness provides a “blank canvas”. Step into the mesmerizing world of “light art” and discover a new creative means to use light as a source of writing and drawing with the help of slow shutter speed photography. Students will experiment with different ways to create amazing art with the power of cell phones and flashlights. The instructor will introduce participants to basic techniques in how to create drawings, comic strips, icons, graffiti designs, and calligraphy in English, Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew and Hieroglyphics. Students will be encouraged throughout the 3-week program to create (drawing and writing) an individualized short comic strip based on light art.

Location: Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, Arts Council of Princeton
Ages: 15+
Wednesday, 7pm-9:00pm
Apr 23-May 7, 2014
$95/$70 Member
Instructor: Faraz Khan
Limit: 10 students