Calligraphy Qalam: An Introduction to Arabic, Persian and Ottoman Calligraphy uses interactive tools to interest new audiences in the traditional art forms of Arabic, Ottoman and Persian calligraphy.

Calligraphy gallery | 1450-1925 A.D. | East

Calligraphy from the Safavid, Mughal and Qajar caliphates, and other locations in the eastern Muslim world

Spousal advice
An Arabic poem
Verses by Hafiz
Page from Khamsah
Ghazals by Sa'di
Eid blessings
Eulogy to a ruler
Verses from Divan
Poetry verses
Poetry verses
The sound of insanity
Poetry verses
Sample calligraphies
Folio from Iqbalnamah
Bihari Koran
Letter exercise
Petition to a ruler
Fal-i Koran
Letter exercises
Noruz prayers
Koranic verses
Poetry verses
Poetry verses

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